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Monuments: B

1. Bewcastle

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-07-19
Date 19 July 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Cumberland
Townland Bewcastle
OSMapRef NY 565745
Area England
GeneralContext Stone shaft, lower panel.
Location Bewcastle churchyard, south of west end of church.
GeneralContext Stone type: medium-grained yellow sandstone.
Dimensions 440 cm in height, 56 cm tapering to 40.5 cm in width, and 54 to 28 cm in depth.
GeneralDescription View of lower panel on west face of stone shaft, dated to the first half of the eighth century.
GeneralDescription A round-headed panel edged at the sides by a fine roll moulding. This panel encloses a standing figure. He is half-turned, with his right shoulder facing the viewer. His feet are pointing to the right, but his head is facing out. He has a long rod or stick in his right hand, pointing to the ground. His left arm is extended in front of a front-facing bird. There is a T-shaped object underneath his outstretched arm, at about thigh level. He is wearing a cloak-like overgarment with a double 'frilled' feature around the neck. The bird's head is very difficult to distinguish.

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